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The Transcendiots webcast is brought to you by the Swedenborg Foundation—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, independent, educational organization for those seeking to explore spirituality and faith. Every other week, we'll bring you a new conversation with a guest or guests who have interesting insights to share about self-awareness and spiritual growth!

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    Creative Artists on Mindfulness, Meditation, & Motivation

    In this episode of the Transcendiots webcast, we talk with a divinely connected couple about how to approach life with creativity and authenticity. Watch and listen as Adriene (a college student and graphic designer/artist) and Isaac (a recent graduate, musician, and animator) discuss how they use the power of mindfulness to ensure their motivations are genuine—and combine that practice with meditation to stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually grounded in their daily lives. This interview also available as a video here:

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    Swedenborgian John Gwynn on Gurdjieff, Esotericism, and Inner Work

    In this episode of the Transcendiots webcast we talk with Swedenborgian John Gwynn about how he utilized teachings from Gurdjieff's Fourth Way and Swedenborg's Christian mysticism to tap into a deeper consciousness. Watch and listen as John describes how his unique interfaith approach led him on a path to greater eternal transformation and growth, and even helped him read seemingly judgmental Scripture text in a new, life-affirming light.

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    Rev. Junchol Lee on Being Buddhist, Taoist, and Swedenborgian

    In this episode of the Transcendiots webcast we talk with Swedenborgian pastor Junchol Lee about how the God-less philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism led him to the God-centered aspect of Christianity. Troubled by the ideas of karma and reincarnation that form the basis of Buddhism, he soon turned to Taoism, but quickly realized he was also missing a connection to the one Divine source found in Swedenborgianism. Watch and listen as Rev. Lee describes how mystical experiences affirmed his unique interfaith approach to life and brought him back to a life of ministry after a time of doubt.

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    George Dole on the Science and Spirituality Debate, Consciousness, and More

    Host Rev. Cory Bradford-Watts talks with Dr. George F. Dole about his newest book "The Universe and I: Where Science & Spirituality Meet." Special guest: Roslyn Taylor. In this episode of the Transcendiots podcast we explore a theory of consciousness and existence that incorporates spiritual and religious wisdom.